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SAP ABAP on HANA training :

SAP ABAP HANA is one of the several application-specific 4th Generation languages originally developed in the year of 1980. It was previously the report language for SAP R/2, a network that integrated big companies to merge together the mainframe business applications for Financial and management accounting. Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) was anticipated to be used by SAP customers to develop SAP applications and with this SAP ABAP HANA module; customers can build up custom reports and interfaces With ABAP encoding. Getting trained by our Professional SAP ABAP HANA Training institute will absolutely enhance your skill and lastly makes you to get employed with the top MNCs.

Vtech Soft Solutions, Hyderabad provides real-time and placement focused SAP ABAP HANA Training in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Our sap abap course includes basic-level to advanced level and our SAP ABAP HANA Course is planned to get the placement in best MNC companies in Hyderabad as quickly as once you complete the SAP ABAP training course. Our SAP ABAP HANA Trainers are SAP ABAP HANA skilled experts and experienced working professionals with hands on real time different SAP ABAP projects knowledge. We have planned our SAP ABAP HANA Course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone’s career goal.

Vtech Soft Solutions offers SAP ABAP HANA Training with choice of different training locations across Hyderabad. Our SAP ABAP HANA Training centers are prepared with lab facilities and first-rate infrastructure. We are also provided 24/7 Online Lab Facility. We also provide SAP ABAP HANA Online Training path for our students in Hyderabad. Through our associated SAP ABAP HANA Training Centers, SAP ABAP HANA Training in Hyderabad conducted on day time classes, weekend-training classes, evening-batch classes and fast-track training classes.

SAP ABAP HANA Training Pre-requisites..?

  • Having some fundamental knowledge on C, C++ and JAVA.
  • Awareness in Database System.

Our Training SAP ABAP Online Training Highlights :

  • A full-fledged tailored training course material
  • ABAP certified Professional with vast years of real time experience.
  • Having 7+ years of experience in Classroom, Online and Corporate trainings.
  • Trained more than 1500 students and trained 60+ batches.
  • Remote Server access will be provided for practice purpose.
  • Free Demonstration class will be given in order to get an idea about all the essential concepts that will be covered in the additional training sessions.
  • Only some students per batch.
  • Back up classes i.e. videos will be provided based on candidate’s request.
  • Exceptional space for all doubt any clarifications


At Vtech Soft Solutions, all the ABAP HANA faculties have experienced the joyfulness of training and trained resources is accessible all over the world. Our SAP ABAP HANA Training leads to better comprehending, new knowledge, skillset and proficiency. Our real time experienced ABAP trainers accomplish your dreams and create efficiently driven surroundings. we will build up the acquaintance with production, growth and testing environments. Our expert trainers help in Resume preparation, improve interview skills, model live projects, Assessments, clarifying doubts, giving materials, clarifying bugs and critical concerns, development actions, encourage inventive thoughts etc;

Vtech Soft is one Best Online and Class Room ABAP HANA Training in Hyderabad, We are also giving out ABAP HANA Training in India, USA, Uk, Canada, Japan, Malasia, Singapore, Australia etc. Our ABAP HANA training in Hyderabad, delivers flexibility to the students while selecting online classes, corporate trainings, classroom trainings, overview of courses and their scope.












• Introduction to SAP HANA
• Why Sap HANA?
• Introduction to OLTP &OLAP
• Introduction to SAP In-Memory
• Strategy and Technology
• S/4 HANA
• How HANA is Plat form, In memory Data base ,software, Hard ware with Architecture
• Why is SAP HANA so FAST?
• SAP HANA Architecture
• SAP HANA Database concepts
• HANA Compared to BWA
• Columnar tables architecture
• HANA Landscapes
• HANA Sizing
• HANA Scenarios
• HANA Job Profiles

HANA Studio/Eclipse:

• Introduction and Installation to SAP HANA Studio with different perspectives
• Introduction to Eclipse with different perspectives
• Handling Practice Environment
• Handling Real time Environment
• Catalog
• Content
• Provisioning
• Security
• Different perspectives in HANA studio/Eclipse
• Schema
• Tables –Row store Column store,Global,local temporary table ,logging tables ,Portioning
• Create,Alter,Drop Queries
• Load,Unload,Preload flags, Merging techniques
• Database Views
• Synonyms
• Sequences
• Triggers
• Indexes
• Procedures
• Columnar views
• In memory Computing Studio
• Perspectives
• Administration views
• Navigation View
• System monitor
• Information modeler
• Preferences
• Local settings
• Loading data into HANA
• Data modelling concepts
• Reporting
• Backup and Recovery


• Understanding Different Types of Joins in SAP HANA
• Inner ,Left Outer, Right Outer, Referential ,Text, Temporal,Spatial

Attribute View:

• Standard Attribute View
• Time Based Attribute View
• Derived Attribute View
• Creating Calculated Column
• Creating Hierarchies in Attribute Views
• Dynamic Filter-Using Input Parameters
• Enabling Attribute View for Time Travel Queries by using History Table

Analytical View:

• Understanding STAR Join Node
• Creating Calculated Columns & Measures
• Restricted Columns
• Counters
• Input Parameters
• Variables
• Semantics
• Analytical View Properties
• Focusing on Temporal Join in Analytical View

Calculation View:

• Calculation View
• Understanding Calculation view Properties-Data Category(Star Join)
• SQL Scripted Based &Graphical Mode
• Understanding different nodes in Calculation view
• Projection
• Aggregation
• Join
• Union
• Rank
• Understanding Dynamic Join
• Understanding KEEP FLAG Property
• Understanding Transparent Filter Property
• Understanding STAR Join Node
• Created Calculated Columns &Measures
• Restricted Columns (Dynamic with Input Parameters)
• Counters
• Input Parameters
• Variables
• Semantics
• Extract Semantics
• Creating Hierarchies in Calculation View
• Processing of HANA Models

Analytical Privileges:

• Static
• Dynamic with Stored Procedures

Decision Tables:

• Updating
• What if Analysis


• HANA, Reporting Layer and Connectivity option
• Business Objects BI 4.0(Just an overview)
• Overview of others

Data Provisioning:

• Overview
• HANA as Primary data base
• HANA as side car/Secondary data base
• Smart Data Access
• Smart access overview
• Replication of data through SDA
• Different landscapes
• SLT overview
• Replication of data through SLT
• Different landscapes
• BODSoverview
• Replication of data through BODS
• Different landscapes
• Flat files
• Flat file overview
• Replication of data through Flatfile
• Different landscapes


• Procedural and object oriented approach
• OOABAP concepts
• Local class
• Global class
• Instance and statics methods
• Constructor ,class constructor
• Interfaces
• Super class ,subclass


• SAP HANA as Secondary Database –Access via Open SQL
• Preparing for SAP HANA
• Improve Open SQL Using ABAP test Cockpit(ATC)
• Use the SQL Performance Tuning Worklist to Analyze Static and Runtime Check Results
• Improve Open SQL Statement Using The SQL Trace(ST05)
• Performance Rules and Guidelines for SAP HANA

Optimizing ABAP on Primary Database SAP HANA New Open SQL:

• Core Data Services in ABAP
• New features in Open SQL
• Associations in Core Data Services
• Use Associations in Core Data Services in ABAP
• Columnar/Row store Table creations through GUI

Code-To-Data with SAP HANA AS Secondary Database:

• Classical Open SQL and its Limitations
• ABAP Database Connectivity(ADBC)
• Native SQL Syntax
• Procedures
• External Views
• Calling SAP HANA Procedures in ABAP
• Calling External views in ABAP

Using ABAP-Managed Database Procedures:

• ABAP-Managed Database Procedures
• Create and Call an ABAP-Managed Database Procedures
• Debugging ABAP-managed Database Procedures
• Integrating with UI5
• Integrating with Calculation views

SAP HANA Proxy Objects:

• Accessing SAP HANA Views via ABAP Dictionary External views
• Create an External View for SAP
• HANA View and Use it an Open SQL SELECT
• Transport of SAP HANA Objects
• Create HANA Transport Container for a Delivery
• Calling SAP HANA Procedures via ABAP Database Procedure Proxies


• S/4 Finance Overview
• S/4 Finance simplified tables
• S/4 Finance Fiori apps
• S/4 Finance transactions
• S/4 LogisticsOverview
• S/4 Logistics simplified tables
• S/4 Logistics Fiori apps
• S/4 Logistics transactions
• HANA Modelling,ABAP on HANA,UI5,Fiori,Data Provisioning in S/4 Hana

HANA Migration

• ABAP Reports
• ABAP Dictionary
• Code review tools
• ABAP coding standards and procedures
• ABAP objects post HANA migration

Ui5, Fiori, Gateway:

• Introduction to SAP UI5
• Introduction to SAP NetWeaver Gateway
• Introduction to SAP Fiori
• Webdynpro ABAP overview .MVC Architecture
• Webdynpro ABAP development
• Difference between UI5/Fiori, Webdynpro& other Web Technologies
• Difference between Webdynpro and ui5
• Disadvantages of the Previous Technologies
• Advantages of Sapui5 and how it overcomes the disadvantages of previous technologies
• Understanding each layer of MVC model
• Understanding on End to End Data flow in SAPUi5


• Gateway Architecture Overview & Usage
• Technical Components Involved
• Introduction to REST, OData
• OData advantages
• OData formats JSON and XML
• Structure of an OData Service
• Service Document, Service Metadata Document

OData in SAP Solutions:

• EDM data types
• SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder (SEGW)

Data Model:

• Entity Types
• Entity Sets
• Properties , Navigation Properties
• Association ( Referential Constraints, Principal Entity, Dependent Entity )
• Association Set( Principle Entity Set, Dependent Entity Set )
• Cardinality
• Mappings

Runtime Artifacts:

• Model Provider Base
• Model Provider Extension
• Data Provider Base
• Data Provider Extension

Service Maintenance:

• Registration in Hub Systems
• Maintain
• Error log
• Gateway Client
• HTTP Status codes, Common Messages and Common Errors
• Debugging OData ABAP Services

With & Without Mapping in Odata Services:

• BAPI's with Mapping ,
• Database Views with Mapping
• BAPI's without Mapping
• Multiple BAPI's with Single Entity Set

CRUD Operations in OData Services:

• CreateEntity( )
• DeleteEntity( )
• UpdateEntity( )
• GetEntity ( Read )
• GetEntitySet( Query )
• GetExpandedEntitySet
• UpdateStream()
• GetStream( )
• ExecuteAction( ) etc.

Service URL Parameters:

• Filtering and Projecting ($filter, ?search and $select)
• Sorting ($orderby) , Counting ($count)
• Client-Side Paging ($top, $skip, and $inlinecount)
• Inlining ($expand) , Formatting ($format)

Configuration AndMaintenance Of Gateway:

• SPRO related Configurations
• SICF related Configurations

Deploying SAP Fiori apps to SAP ABAP UI5 repository:

• Launch Pad Instance Roles
• Semantic Objects
• Catalogs
• Target Mappings
• Tiles
• Groups
• PFCG Roles (Role to User Assignment)

Types of Models:

• Resource Model,
• JSON Model,
• XML Model,
• OData Model


• One-way Binding, Two way Binding, One Time Binding
• Data binding, Aggregate binding, Model binding

Data Types:

• SAPUI5 Data Typing, User types
• Integers, Floating-Point Numbers
• String, Boolean, Variable, Date and Time,

Types of Views:

• JavaScript Views, (imp)
• Xml Views, (imp)
• Json Views,
• Html Views,

Implementing code in VIEWs and CONTROLLERs Technique.

HANA Certification Guidance and Material, VIDEOS

Discussion on HANA Best Practices

Discussion on HANA Interview Questions

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